4 Unnoticeable Roof Damage Signs

Roof issues are prevalent since a lot of aspects increase the risk of roof damage. As a commercial property owner, you need to pay attention to the typical risk factors, such as upkeep, weather conditions, and old materials are essential. It’s not simple to spot some of the roof damage, particularly if your roof doesn’t let safe access without the help from the expert commercial roofer. That’s why it’s crucial to observe the interior of your roof and look for signs of possible roof damage that you could miss out on. That way, you can quickly catch a failing roof. Here are some of the roof damage signs that can be unnoticeable if not checked by certified roofers.

Buckling shingles

While a missing shingle can be more apparent, buckling shingles can be unnoticeable. This occurs from the unflatten shingle because of the wrinkling of the wood decking and roof underlayment. Usually, this can common in the summer seasons and can be due to high levels of moisture. To guarantee that this won’t happen to your commercial roof, it’s best to employ an expert to get your attic ventilated well. Asphalt shingles are one of the best ways to keep their underlayer from outside elements and moisture.

Gutter aprons

One of the vital parts to achieve a safe roof include gutter aprons, which you need for your roof. However, they occasionally fall off even without realizing it. Even some cling to the shingle’s underside and drip toward the fascia. Once any roof has a missing gutter apron, that can lead to extreme issues. If your gutters don’t have gutter aprons to prevent the water, water could pool behind the gutter, leaving a stain behind due to rotting.

Ceiling stains

Usually, ceiling stains are due to a leaky roof and they can be difficult to detect right away. When you can observe water stains that spread across run-down walls or the ceilings, perhaps your roof is the culprit for that.

It’s difficult to track down the leak. However, roof leak repair as well as whole house cleaning can quickly be done with the help of Castle Keepers professionals from Georgia. Though you have a minor leak, it can still result in greater issues, such as damaged ceilings or insulation, a rotted sheath, and frame, mold, etc.

The common indicators of mold development and leaking include visual signs of mold on the walls and ceilings, allergic reactions, and a musty smell.


Sometimes, having critters on your roof is neglected because most people think that it’s normal. Regardless of all, the best home inspectors in California are available at Commonly, they are searching for water, food, or a place/shelter to make a nest. That means that your roof could have an opening where they can get in.

Once you can hear noises during nighttime, that could indicate that something lives on your commercial or residential roof and must be taken out at all cost. If this happens, try to check for signs of broken piping or loose tiles in your ventilation or roofing. As soon as you can see an animal on your roof, call a professional roofer ASAP.