Have a Water Heater Leak? Here’s What to Do

If you noticed some water leakage on your plumbing system or pipes, it is a normal response to call for help and hire professional plumbers Rockdale especially when you are near the location. However, while this is a smart reaction, this is oftentimes impractical especially when you consider the costs. When you want to hire professional plumbers, who are experts in their fields, it is already expected that they will also need to be paid for the kind of service quality they perform, and therefore, it is not smart, money-wise to immediately call an expensive professional service for plumbing.  

In the meantime, you will be needing to take the necessary measures to minimize the problem, and call for help when you now need to. Read through to know the simple steps: 

1.Look at the location of the leakage – if you notice some leaks, it is essential that you check the valve, tank, or any place that you think is the source of the leakage. Knowing the exact location of the leakage does not just help you, but also the professional if you hire one. A drain valve is a spigot at the bottom of the tank that drains the sediment from the water heater. If the water comes from this area, then it just needs some inexpensive repairs. However, if the sources come from the tank, then you need to know you could be replacing your water heater anytime soon. This is important if you want to make your unit and system functional and safe. Call a professional service if you want to ensure safety when replacing. In addition, always remember to do maintenance and cleaning on a regular basis.  

2.Turn off the water – the best way, as obvious as it is, to avoid further water pooling is to turn off the water source and cut out off the water supply. In this way, you will not just be avoiding more water damage but also avoid water and utility costs. If you own a water electric heater, locate and find the water heater’s circuit breaker and switch it off, or you can dial it to the off position if you have a dial kind of switch. After that, turn off the water supply. Remember to avoid touching the water heater for it may be too hot.  

3.Call a professional plumber – if you think that you now need to call professional help, do not hesitate to call a professional service. What is good about doing the first two steps we mentioned above is that the information will also equip the professional service that you hire. They will know quickly the issues and this will help them provide solutions to the problems as quickly as they can. Ensure that you inform the service providers of all the needed information and details to address the problems as efficiently as possible.  


What new have just shared with you are the necessary thing you need to do in order to be steps ahead of the problem and issue when it comes to water leakage.  

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